"The support and encouragement from Jessica is amazing, In 8 weeks I lost 37 lbs and in 12 weeks I lost over 50 pounds. I know if I was just dieting myself the outcome would never be the same! It's not just about losing weight, it's about learning how to eat healthy and maintain the weight loss. I am so glad I found Jessica!"

"CORE Nutrition and Wellness is helping me so much. I know I could never have lost 20 pounds on my own. In just one month I am down 20 pounds. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Jessica is always very encouraging and knowledgeable. Jessica has been a great help in getting me on the right path to healthy eating habits. Thank you so much!"

"I am so happy with CORE Nutrition and Wellness! Jessica really helps and makes you truly understand how to make realistic changes. I feel so much better, it's only been 8 weeks and I'm down over 30 lbs. I highly recommend everyone to work with Jessica. You will not regret it!"

"Jessica has changed my life! After years of struggling with weight issues, health problems and insomnia, with just a few months on the program, I'm a completely different person! Jessica has been there every step of the way, I could not be happier!"

"The staff at CORE Nutrition and Wellness  is amazing and their concept on what a real lifestyle change is supposed to be like is absolutely genius. In just two weeks I lost 15lbs of fat and it hasn't stopped there. Do yourself a favor and sign yourself up! You’ll lose weight and more importantly, feel better and live longer. When it came to being a father I just couldn't manage the physical demand with all of the extra weight. I am now more active than ever in my daughter's life. "

Nick H. Age 33

"I have been on the program for about five weeks now, and I am currently down 20lbs. I haven’t felt this healthy and energized in probably about ten years. I am very dedicated to the program, I weigh out all my food portions every three days and keep containers with my proteins and vegetables ready to go to do the cooking (time in the kitchen) very easy. I do my breakfast and lunch prep in the evening when I am making my dinner, so I am good to go for the next day, and I only have to worry about cooking once a day. After only five weeks, I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 10-15 years, friends see me and are shocked by my transformation, and it feels great, I feel great!"

Micheal P. Age 52


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