Image by Rana Sawalha

ANDROpause support

Andropause, a leading cause of erectile dysfunction, occurs with age-related hormone changes in men, specifically a drop in the production of the hormone testosterone. 

Until now, these symptoms have been written off as “just a part of aging” and have continued to go untreated.


According to the Journal of Clinical Practice, nearly 40% of men over 45 are affected by low testosterone.  At about age 40, testosterone production begins to drop, and it continues to decrease at the rate of approximately 1-2% per year.

As testosterone drops, inflammation increases as well as body fat, both causing an increased risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Optimal amounts of testosterone are vital to a man’s health and well-being.


At healthy levels, testosterone is recognized as being cardio-protective and effective in staving off other hormone shifts a man may experience, such as elevated cortisol and hypothyroidism.


We strongly encourage my patients to proactively address their symptoms to better embrace this time in their lives and to lower their risk of disease. There are several treatment options available involving diet, exercise, and getting adequate amounts of sleep. Also, many men have great success with natural hormone replacement therapy.